Past Boxes

Check out our past boxes!

Our first box was a very special one. We want to thank you because you supported our new project and made it possible. The September box was perfect for all Harry Potter fans and featured five bookish goodies. Photo by @ombradeisogni.

La nostra prima box era davvero speciale. Vi vogliamo ringraziare perché avete deciso di supportarci e avete reso tutto questo una realtà. La box di Settembre era perfetta per tutti coloro che amano Harry Potter e conteneva cinque oggetti a tema letterario. Foto di @ombradeisogni.

  • a Prefect Badge (with one of the four Hogwarts Houses);
  • a "When in doubt, go to the library" necklace;
  • a pair of earrings inspired by Harry Potter;
  • an Advance Potion Making replica that contains a reading journal;
  • an "After all this time? Always" tote bag;
  • plus a little poster with our month art theme.


The theme of the November Box was "She was every inch a Queen" and featured five bookish goodies inspired by the fantasy queen of our favorite books. Photo by @ombradeisogni.

Il tema della box di Novembre era "She was every inch a Queen" e conteneva cinque oggetti ispirati alle regine fantasy dei nostri libri preferiti. Foto di @ombradeisogni.

  • a Queen of Hearts pair of earrings by Librinonlibri;
  • a pocket mirror by Wonders' Clouds available in five different designs, four dedicated to Red Queen and the fifth to Snow White;
  • a bookmark "You could rattle the stars" by Lorena LG Design and inspired by the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas;
  • a notebook "The Legacy of the Glynn Queen" that is a replica of the famous book quoted in The Queen of the Tearling series by Erika Johansen. This was also from Lorena LG Design;
  • a tote bag with another quote from Sarah J. Maas series by Lorena LG Design;
  • the postcard of our month theme art;
  • our new digital magazine The Quill, with articles by Please Another Book and Amaranth from La Bella e Il cavaliere;
  • the ebook of Angela C. Ryan "Il principe e la neve" and her digital autograph.